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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shopping: 1951 Royal Mansion

In January 2012 I was talking to a friend online about trailers. This friend is in Austin, where trailers are trendy and cool. He'd toyed with the idea of getting a vintage trailer to live in. I wondered if we should pick up a trailer in the Florida Panhandle where they aren't cool, fix it up, and take it to Austin where it would be appreciated. He said to search for Spartans. His research showed them to be wide and roomy inside. Miraculously I found two of them on Craigslist in my local area.

I went to look at one the very next day. It was at a junk shop in Havana, FL.
January 13, 2012: My first look at a Spartan Royal Mansion
This looks bad, but I can imagine it patched. Not a barrier to purchase.
The window hardware and screens are rusty. Not the most air tight situation.
These lights are really cool.
The rear lights are nice too, but somebody stuck this aftermarket crap on underneath. I can get rid of that.
Nice license plate light. The rusty part has to go.
First look in the back door. It's at a junk shop. Of course there's a random bathtub in here.
The paneling looks delaminated and sad.
Interesting curved wall and door to the bathroom.
I can see the floor is going to need to be completely replaced.
Seeing straight though to the ground isn't right.
Period appropriate 5 gallon per flush toilet. Of course the lid is missing.
The window and light fixture in the bathroom are not filling me with joy.

This fan cover is cool though. Looks like the radiation warning symbol.
What even happened to this refrigerator?
Why is this cabinet so gross? Nice shape though.
View from the front door. I'm not concerned about the curled flooring since I
already know the whole floor has to be redone from scratch. 
Interesting little closet, wall sconce. Too bad they painted
the aluminum window surrounds dark brown.
The ceiling at the front looks fine. Not like the delaminated mess at the back.  Wonder what happened back there?
Nice of them to do their graffiti in pencil. Pretty sure that will buff right out.
Somebody stuck a cigarette butt in this puncture? People are disgusting.
Towing apparatus looks pretty good.
I went home to think this over.