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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shopping: 1949 Royal Mansion

The other Spartan for sale in my local Craigslist area was in Blountstown, FL. I used to drive through there all the time when I worked for FDEP Beaches. It's on the Appalachicola River. It's a nice drive, so I arranged to go see it the next day.

First look at the second Spartan.

After looking at the first Spartan I did some research. These only came with two axles.
Not sure why the first one only had two wheels. So I was looking at this part more closely.
I'm curious what is going on underneath. I failed to get this view of the first one. 

This one has obvious jack points and the frame looks good.
The skin underneath and insulation is compromised, of course.
It all has to go.
By comparison to the first Spartan I can see this front ceiling panel is not original.
They just skinned right over the vent. That's sloppy.
This delaminated paneling isn't even the original stuff. More brown painted aluminum.
This sconce isn't as cool as on the other one.

OK, now they aren't even trying. Dinette trashed in both of them. Good thing I don't care.
This roll down window actually worked.

The only working window handle out of four in two Spartans.

I was so interested in the broken off window handle I didn't notice that the actual window
was broken and replaced with plexiglass.
I found the window crank. Turns out to not matter based on what is broken.

These switches are intriguing. Why the pull style? More than two positions?

The bathroom wall isn't trashed. Can't see through the floor. Bonus.

That's the original sink and shower controls. Once again no toilet tank lid. 
This kitchen light fixture with the switch right next to it makes sense. Brown painted aluminum again. 
This cabinet looks fine. Why was the one in the first Spartan so disgusting? 
I guess this is some kind of ventilation system for the stove. I don't think this one was ever used.

Dovetailed drawers

Look at this oak corner where it transitions from a curve to square. That's lovely.

I don't remember where this light is.

Here's how the hinge works for the screen door. There was only one screen door between
the two Spartans that would have had two each originally. 
My research after looking at the first Spartan taught me to look for the serial number
information inside the front door frame. Same as the vital information on my car.
The middle two numbers are the year. This was built in 1949.
I didn't see it on the first one because I couldn't get the front door open.

I confirmed on that this is a Royal Mansion serial number for 1949. Weight 5200 lbs, original price $4681.27, which is $42,345.78 adjusted for inflation to 2010 dollars.

Decal ghost on this one too, but no graffiti.

This one has round rear lights. They look amazing.

The gasket around the window is shot. 

The cool light lens is gone. This one only has 1 out of 4.
The other has 3 out of 4. It's missing the one this one has.

This Spartan has a lot of bullet holes. Exit wounds.

I can imagine how I could patch this with a single rivet, gutter seal, and two aluminum
patches, one on the inside, one on the outside.

The tongue on this one doesn't look as good as the other one. Which is unfortunate.
Nothing about the first Spartan looked like it is roadworthy.